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Types of granite
Where and why is it used?

"Resistant and durable"
Granite is one of the most widespread rocks in the world and an excellent building material.
Its low thermal conductivity makes the resulting granite buildings cool in the hottest days. Their low porosity prevents the absorption of liquids.

"A Touch of Elegance"
The wide variety of finishes and cuts gives a complete solution from the point of view of construction and decoration.
It is used both outdoors and indoors because of its stability, endurance and resistance to erosion as well as a possibility of being cut and polished in several ways. More resistant than any other material granite can be used at any location. In addition its maintenance is easy.

What is it used?

Polished granite is very popular in kitchens because of its high durability and esthetic qualities.
Today, granite is replacing even the marble, being stronger and more durable, and on the other hand very eye-catching.

Interior uses:
Tile, tiling, wall covering, tables, cookers (panels, pedestals and tops) stairs, columns...

Exterior uses:
Flooring, paneling and veneer walls, signage, monuments, columns, retaining walls and anti-fire walls, covering public buildings, pavers, tiles, stairs, terraces and gardens, balustrades, outdoor furniture (benches and tables)
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